To showcase tiny house builders, dwellers, and dreamers in the state of North Carolina as well as be a vital resource to them in their path to a tiny life.

Bloggers and tiny house enthusiasts Steven Harrell (Tiny House Listings), Ryan Mitchell (The Tiny Life), Laura LaVoie (120 Square Feet) and Andrew Odom (Tiny r(E)volution) announced the upcoming launch of Tiny House NC, an organization to promote Tiny House culture throughout North Carolina.

Harrell, Mitchell, LaVoie, and Odom have all been on the forefront of the tiny house movement for many years. Each has contributed their unique voice to the conversation either by building tiny houses or spreading the world about the movement (or a unique mixture of both). Living in North Carolina is an important part of their personal journeys. When the opportunity arose to join forces and develop an organization that would promote the tiny house movement in the state, they jumped at the chance. With such a diverse landscape in a relatively small state there is something for everyone in North Carolina. From the mountains to the sea and everything in between, Tiny House NC hopes to create a perfect place for small living enthusiasts to seek advice, services, and resources.

  • Ryan Mitchell
  • Steven Harrell
  • Laura M. Lavoie
  • Andrew Odom
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